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TIGER – Official Trailer #1 (2018)

Meet The Cast

Mickey Rourke


Janel Parrish


Prem Singh


Michael Pugliese


What People Are Saying

Tiger tells a good, solid story

Film Threat

Rourke shows that he can lift the performances of everyone around him

Film Threat

The characters are extremely well played with a wide array of emotions

Hollywood North Magazine

Tiger is a compelling story, and our emotions got stirred up

Lolo Loves Movies

The characters are extremely well played with a wide array of emotions

Hollywood North Magazine

Although Tiger was about a Sikh who overcome discrimination, hatred, and other adversity, I feel this story would resonate with anybody regardless of race, culture, religion, color and gender. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

Scott J. Friedman

A fantastic movie!! Very important to been seen by all in North America and the world.

S. Kaur

Incredible, inspiring and I really connected with it..... I loved it!!

Charles "Spider" Jones

An incredible movie. Very moving and very inspiring. A must see!

A. Verm

An eye-opening and great message of triumph over adversity

J.S Mancinelli

Completely drew me in to his journey. It made me want to stand up and cheer!

R. Bava


Saurav Dutt is a Guardian and LA Times short-listed published author and global affairs political columnist, writing on international affairs, globalization, conflict and other issues.

His syndicated political columns cover defense, political risk and emerging markets and have been featured in the IB Times, American Herald Tribune and The Times of Israel.

He is a lifelong boxing and Mickey Rourke fan, as well as dedicated human rights campaigner and speaker at forums as varied as the WEF and WIN (Women’s Interfaith Network). He currently resides in the United Kingdom.